Android ROM Builder

Android is the leading, open source, Linux-based operating system that powers millions of devices including smart phones, tablets, home appliances, vehicle systems, and more. The Android “ROM” is the Android operating system. This is the User interface (Sense UI in HTC phones) and the file system for maintaining contacts etc. It is composed of a Linux kernel and various add-ons to achieve specific functionality.

Compiling custom Android ROMs, modifying Android’s core framework or enhancing the default user interface has never been easier and faster thanks to Codecreator’s new cloud based ROM builder.

Codecreator’s AOSP ROM Builder is a full-featured Android Build environment, pre-configured with all the software needed to build the Android Open Source Project, create custom ROMs, or just build for one of the included devices. The server also contains the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) tool to easily copy an AOSP image to Amazon S3 once compiled. Harness the power of AWS by launching a high CPU core instance and build Android in record time.

Developers can find the AOSP ROM Builder by searching AWS Marketplace or going directly to:

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